Here’s a short Video introducing myself and explaining why I have accepted ┬áthe challenge from the guys at The Quick Start Challenge.



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  1. Jay says:


    Great Video !!! You did a great job explaining the Quick Start Challenge. I look forward to checking back your website and monitoring your success.

  2. Rino says:

    Hi Robbie,
    Congrats on completing this week’s challenge! And I like your video very much – it’s natural, sincere…
    I also like your previous posts – like journal of what’s going on on Quick Start Challenge 2015 – all visitors would benefit from them, so I am pretty sure that you’ll get to your goal pretty quick…
    We’ll stay in touch, Rino

    • robbiethomas says:

      Thanks Rino for your feedback.

      It’s a help to know that my video is watchable and that you like my site.

      Rather than try to get everything perfect I now do the challenge and get it up there and then move on to the next part of our challenge, which I think is a good habit to get into.

      Too much time is wasted trying to get things perfect!!

  3. Machiko says:

    Hi Rob,

    I like your unhurried approach and focus on keeping your plan simple. It’s so easy to start complicating things. I will have to come back to watch your video every time I find myself getting ahead of myself when I should be just doing one thing at a time. Cheers!

    • robbiethomas says:

      Thanks for your comments Machiko. My journey may be a bit slower than some of the others however as I overcome the obstacles I will press on.

  4. Hi! Its Steven here from QSC.
    Congratulations Rob! Keep it up and keep the strength to do all the challenges!

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