My Journey

What I am setting out to do is to make money from the web by building a web based business which brings me in an income which will supplement the income I receive from my Australian Government pension and allow me to pay for my everyday expenses without having to draw on my savings.

Now I have been looking at ways to get a passive, ongoing income from the internet for a few years now, even before I retired, however being over 60 and having to learn things that I hadn’t heard about before wasn’t easy and most of the courses that I looked at spoke in a language that I didn’t understand (building a list, autoresponders, affiliate marketing, PPC etc) and it all seemed too hard to follow and implement.

About 10 days ago I received an email saying that the Quick Start Challenge (QSCwas opening for 2015 and to click on the link in the email to check it out, which is what I did.

The Quick Start Challenge 3.0 is an interactive 4 week on-line coaching class that  has been running for three years with good results.

It’s an organized and comprehensive program and it comes at a price that is affordable by most people.

The program is designed so that you start right away and you start taking action based on professional direction from your coaches, Dean, Craig & Robert.

The promo says that Students can expect tangible results within the first 7-10 days and in 2 weeks you will notice increased traffic to your web sites, in 3 weeks you will begin to build email lists and generate leads and in 4 weeks students from the previous QSC courses have already started to make money online.

So I have accepted the challenge and joined and the challenge issued by Dean in the week 1 webinar, which was on last Monday – 6th July, was to find and register a domain name, get hosting for that domain and get a Web site up and running so that is what I have done.

So as we get our challenges each week I will be updating this site and letting you know how I am going and if I have learned how to make money from the web.

Roll on week 2!!



    Week 2

Well week 2 is all about how to get traffic to your site and then how to convert that traffic into sales by building a relationship with with your visitors.

The QSC crew – Dean, Robert and Craig suggested 2 methods – the Signi Traffic method and the Blog Hop method.
The Signi Traffic method is based on posting in a forum (such as the Warrior Forum) where you are allowed to have a “Signature” containing a link at the bottom of your post. That signature must contain a link back to your web site / blog but it CAN NOT contain an Affiliate link and the post should be valuable posts, that is, they should be highly relevant to the thread and be about your experiences. Just posting – “great post” or “thanks for sharing” really doesn’t qualify as a valuable post.

The Blog hop method is where you post to other blogs on a regular basis. It is very important that the blogs that you post on have good amounts of traffic. We were told to start the process by using the QSC Blog Roll to post on the blogs of other QSC participants and to return the favour by posting back on the blog of people who left a comment on your blog.

Our challenge for week 2, apart from starting to use the 2 methods above to do posts on other sites, is to produce a short video with us on camera, put it up on YouTube and upload it to our site. The video needs to mention the Quick Start Challenge and have those words in the title.

So much to do and so little time so I had better get on with it !!