About Me


Thanks for taking the time to find out a little bit about me and why I need to add some extra money to my pension on a weekly basis.

The Koala on my Home page and I have many similarities…we both live in Australia, we both have grey hair, we both love Gum Trees and the Australian bush and we both live simple lives. See what I mean…Me - 2014

I am a 69 year old single male who lives in Western Australia.

I have worked all my life and therefore paid taxes all my life and when I retired in 2012 I applied for a retirement pension from the Australian Government. I was told that as I had some assets, namely some money in my Superannuation account and a bare block of land in a town South of where I live I would be eligible for a part pension and so I get around $500 per fortnight from the Government.

Now, whilst I live on my own in my unit and my needs are quite simple I have worked out that I need approx $600 per week just to pay for my everyday expenses, such as Food, Electricity, Gas, Water, Petrol and License for my car, Home & Car Insurance, Medical Insurance, Clothing etc, in other words just the basic necessities to exist.

So to meet the difference between what I get from the Government and what I need to survive I have to chip in around $350 per week from my savings, which are going down at an alarming rate.

Because my savings were disappearing so quickly I had to find a way to put money back into my savings which meant either going back to work or finding some other way to earn an income from home which is why I’m looking at ways to get an income from the web, an income that I can control and and income which I can grow without having to put in a 40 hour week.

I hope that my journey and my results will help show you how to make a decision to help yourself and I hope that you can follow what I do and start to make money from the web for yourself.

So to follow my journey on how I am attempting to make money from the web please click here.